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He Does The Hard Things

"I can't express in words the amount of gratitude I have for Ryan Dreyer.

He was crazy flexible, open-minded and always available. I felt 100% prepared for race day. Ryan took all the guess work out. He knew exactly hot to prepare me mentally. He gave me powerful encouragement and set me up to crush the day!

Ryan is one of the few coaches who actually competes. He does the hard things. He practices what he preaches. He's in the arena."

— Zach Homol


More Than a Training Plan – A Life Philosophy

"Adapt and Overcome"

This is the Tribal Training team motto.

Through endurance, we build a mindset rooted in handling whatever life throws at us with patience and ease.

And learn to thrive in any situation.

We are committed to conquering not only the physical challenges, but the mental battles that come with pushing the human spirit beyond its self-imposed boundaries.


The Tribal Training Philosophy


I specialize in helping former athletes and busy dads fit endurance into their daily life, without sacrificing their family and kids.

Most people think they don't have time for endurance. They're wrong.

These people have a defensive mindset toward life that has them feeling overwhelmed 24/7.

I teach you how to "play offense" against life and build consistency and frequency before ramping volume.

Many of my athletes complete 70.3s averaging less than 6 hours of training per week.

The ones who make more time? They go faster.


In order to lead others, you must lead yourself. And in order to lead yourself, you must know yourself.

The process of endurance reveals our blind spots and exposes our flaws.

This creates a clear road map for cultivating our character and becoming the person we know we are capable of.

We lean on an idea from Ancient Greece that the athletes were the leaders of society.

They were the teachers, the soldiers, the voters, the farmers and more.

All because they cultivated their character in training. And proved it in the arena.


Join a group who's expected behavior is your desired behavior, and watch your actions change overnight.

Want to be the type of person who sets big goals, trains consistency, leads their family in healthy living and crosses finish lines?

Do you want to increase your self-belief and become a positive and encouraging force of energy for others?

Then get around people who are already doing that.

The Tribal Training community is connected online day to day.

Then we get together at in-person races and events throughout the year and deepen our relationships with our teammates.

Who's In The Tribe?

Former Athletes

Strength Athletes / Powerlifters

Crossfit Athletes

Fathers Looking To Set The Example

Guys Looking For Life Change

Those Ready To Release The DAWG Inside!

Tribal Training is an exclusive group for endurance athletes. We’ve built a place for real connection, growth, and learning, centered around discussions, calls, and in-person events.


Options To Join Tribal Training?

Whether you’re struggling with daily habits, sleep and recovery, or self-belief, Tribal Training is your sanctuary. We provide a comprehensive suite of resources to bolster your habits, discipline, and confidence — all in one place.

Your Options To Join Tribal Training:

  • One-on-One Coaching

    Apply to join Tribal Training for custom tailored training, personal calls, and an all-access pass to our thriving endurance community.

  • Endurance Accelerator Cohorts

    A 6-week intensive to ground you in the fundamentals of endurance mindset, lifestyle, and training. After the cohort, you can apply to join the ongoing community that is Tribal Training and continue your journey with us.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Must Have A Scheduled Race On The Calendar

    We're selective, nurturing a community of committed beginner and intermediate triathletes who are as serious about the sport as we are.

  • Must Have A Positive Outlook And Good Culture Fit

    Endurance Training and Races are as much mental as physical challenges. Every member should bring the energy required to help lift and inspire other teammates. This is how we build our Tribal Training community. Assholes and soyboys need not apply.

  • Must Be Committed To Personal Improvement Through Endurance

    With spots limited to 75 determined athletes, seize the opportunity to leap ahead in your triathlon training. Your time is now.

We’re selective because transformation is personal. We aren't for everyone. Our applications are open to those with a race on the horizon, a can-do attitude, and the dedication to thrive in triathlon. If you're seeking a community that understands the triathlete's journey, Tribal Training is your destination.


What's Included?

One on One Program

Receive personalized training tailored to your unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Our experienced coaches work closely with you, providing individualized attention, detailed feedback, and custom training plans. Ideal for athletes seeking to improve specific aspects of their performance or preparing for a particular event.

Community Calls And Live Chat

Join a supportive community of fellow triathletes. These calls and chats offer a platform to share experiences, learn from each other, and stay motivated. They're a great opportunity to ask questions, get advice from more experienced athletes, and feel part of a thriving tribe.

Team Races

Experience the thrill and camaraderie of participating in team races. Compete alongside your teammates, pushing each other to achieve your best. Team races are not only a chance to test your training but also to bond with this tribe of savages.

Circle Lessons

Build a strong foundation with the provided lessons inside of the Circle platform. These sessions cover the basics of swimming, cycling, and running, as well as crucial aspects like nutrition, injury prevention, and race strategy. Perfect for beginners or those looking to refine their technique and knowledge.

Accelerator Cohort

Accelerate your progress with the Accelerator Cohort. Designed for athletes who want to get on track fast, this cohort focuses on high-intensity training and rapid skill development. It's ideal for those looking to make significant improvements in a short time frame or preparing for an event.

Join The Tribe - Are You Ready?

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Tribal Training isn’t just a program, it’s a movement. It’s for those who dare to defy the odds, who are ready to commit and fit into a culture of resilience, strength, and support. With a limit of 75 members, your opportunity to redefine yourself, to save decades of trial and error, and to chase personal excellence is within reach. Are you ready to take the first step?


70.3 Roadmap

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