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Welcome! My name is Ryan Dreyer.

There's something special I need to tell you. I haven't told anyone yet...

But first, meet 6 of my athletes who conquered Ironman Florida with me.

In this picture there's someone who used to weigh 300+ lbs, someone who was an alcoholic, someone who was on the brink of divorce and someone who was seconds from suicide.

These guys changed my life.

Tribal Training at Ironman Florida

I got into endurance when I was 26. I didn't know a thing. Thankfully it clicked for me and I was able to rebuild my confidence, fix my mindset and take control of my life.

But I thought I just got lucky...

Then I coached these guys across their first finish lines. That's when I realized my system can do more than just help me.

One of the reasons the Ironman Florida group succeeded was the physical training plan.

But there were two even bigger reasons: Mindset and Community

Endurance brought me face to face with my negative thoughts, doubts and fears.

I had to lean on people around me as I struggled through the growing pains of strengthening my character.

But I didn't have that many people who really understood what I was chasing...

So when I coached these guys, I wanted to help them play offense against these internal battles.

That's why I expanded my 1 on 1 coaching into a mindset community and created a private space for my athletes to express themselves in a way they can't anywhere else.

They get to share struggles and wins, learn from one another and become part of a team through weekly discussions, monthly calls and in-person events. 

And in the process, they get to discover who they truly are.

I built the endurance community and education platform I wished I had when I first started out.

What Is Tribal Training?

The premise is simple.

Tribal Training is a private online community for beginner endurance athletes. A personal space to connect with people who share similar aspirations, while learning from my mindset, training and lifestyle systems.

Need help with your habits and discipline? Look inside Tribal Training. Not sure how to fix your sleep and recovery? It's inside Tribal Training. Having issues with confidence and self-belief? Tribal Training!

There are two ways for members to join:

1. apply for 1 on 1 coaching
2. join an upcoming cohort, then apply for community membership

If accepted, 1 on 1 members receive custom programming from me, personal calls, access to everything within our digital community (including all future cohorts) and in-person events.

Cohorts are 6 week "Endurance Accelerator" programs that I run myself to help you understand the mindset, lifestyle and training foundations of endurance.

After completing the cohort, participants can apply for Tribal Training's community membership, which gives full access to our digital community, resources and in-person events.
I've purposely been hush-hush about how to join Tribal Training because I wanted to iterate on the community set up, giving members of the Tribe the highest quality experience.

And so far it's working wonderfully. We have ~30 members. Life-changing interactions happen regularly and members have formed meaningful, personal relationships with one another.

But, so you know, there are a few requirements:

  • race date on the calendar
  • positive and opportunistic attitude
  • committed to improving as a person through endurance

And even then, we aren't for everyone. You need to be committed to joining and be a good culture fit (like not be an asshole or a soyboy).

I'm growing Tribal Training slowly, limiting the member count to 40 for now.

So, if you want to save yourself a decade of headache and heartache in your pursuit of personal excellence, then Tribal Training is the place to be.
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What My Athletes Have To Say:

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