Coaching Services

I help fit, goal-oriented people break into endurance sports and massively shift what they believe they're capable of. USAT Level 1 Certified.

Triathlon & Endurance Coaching

Best for athletes who have a targeted triathlon, ultra or Spartan race on the calendar.

PREMIUM:  For the athlete who is all in

  • 2 scheduled calls per month to stay on top of your training progress and mindset in your pursuit of your goals
  • This is a hands-on package
  • All Elite and Basic benefits are included

ELITE:  For the athlete who wants custom programming, direct engagement and a regularly scheduled call

  • 1 scheduled call per month to stay in sync on your progress
  • This is a collaborative package
  • Primary methods of communication: text, email and activity comments

BASIC:  For the athlete who wants custom programming without significant engagement with me

  • Athletes receive check-ins from me 1x per month and access to the Tribal Athletic Club Discord server
  • Primary method of communication: email

Training Camps

I host 1 on 1 and Team Training Camps. 1 on 1 Camps are added on to athlete programs and Team Training Camps are open to all of my athletes.

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Tribal Athletic Club

Tribal Athletic Club is the community membership for all my 1 on 1 athletes.

  • team Discord server
  • complete library of lessons and instruction across all areas of training
  • celebrating team wins and highlighting success
  • monthly challenges
  • accountability, support and community

A look into Tribal Athletic Club discord
Tribal Athletic Club Team Wins

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