Recovery Runs In Action

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I used to do what most people do when it comes to running: go out for a few miles at my best sustainable pace, every time. I'd hope to get leaner, stronger and faster, but never get results as good as I was hoping for.

A big reason for my stagnant progress was that I had no variation in my training. Run variations allow you to lean on different levers to advance your base level fitness and your top end performance.

One of the best run variations to advance your base level fitness is the Recovery Run.

What are Recovery Runs? Easy runs done at 3+ minutes slower than your standard pace

What are their benefit? They are great for a few reasons...

  • add run volume without intensity
  • increase lower body blood circulation, eliminate waste and accelerate recovery
  • enhance aerobic base

Since adding 10 to 11 minute mile Recovery Runs in my training program, my top end speed has improved consistently. Here's a cool side by side of my progress:

Recovery Run on 11/23/21: 30 minute run at 10:55/mile pace

5 mile Race on 11/25/21: 5 miles at 6:14/mile pace

10:55 is SLOW and 6:14 is FAST!! It's hard for people to grasp the concept that running slower will help you run faster, but it's the truth and here's some real life proof.

Whether you are new to running or an experienced runner, your training plan should include Recovery Runs.