Optimizing Sleep With TRF

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Sleep is the foundation of every single aspect of health. Here is a quick and easy-to-follow rule that will help you leverage WHEN you eat to optimize how your internal systems function.

Tired during the day? Low energy? Mentally exhausted? This will help.

Rule: Cut off calorie consumption 2-3 hours before bed

Why: So genes and cells can align on the same internal clock for optimal gene expression and cell function

I think of it like this: If your cells are a football team and half the team thinks the game is at 1 pm and half the team thinks the game is at 4 pm, you’re probably gonna lose the game no matter when it is.

This is what happens when you eat close to bed and disrupt the recycling and regenerative processes with digestive demands.

If you can give your body some time before bed to digest, those recycling and regenerative processes are optimized. This can positively impact every single aspect of life from mood to energy to weight management.

Pair this with morning sun exposure and you have a super simple 1-2 punch for optimizing your Superchiasmatic Nucleas aka your Grandfather Clock. The Superchiasmatic Nucleas is the group of cells that control our circadian biological clock and TELL THE TEAM WHEN THE GAME IS!!

Give it a shot for a few consecutive days and I guarantee you'll feel a positive impact.