Think of Cardio Like a House

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Here’s the biggest cardio mistake people make: they work too hard.

People think there is a direct correlation between a rise in heart rate and a rise in fitness levels. The higher you get your heart rate, the fitter you get, right? 


I want you to think about building your cardiovascular health like you are building a house.

High end interval work with near Max HR levels is like raising the roof and adding on floors.

Sure, it can be helpful, but it’s only smart to do once you already have a stable foundation.

This is where low heart rate levels come in. You need to prioritize building your base. You need to lay your foundation.

The foundation of your Cardio House is built on low intensity and long duration efforts. Less than 75% of your Max HR is a good place to start.

For someone who’s Max HR is 170 bpm, 75% of that is about 127 bpm.

Brisk walking, light running or cycling and light to moderate swimming are some easy ways to get started with this.

Your pace or speed doesn’t matter at all. Your fitness is completely determined by your heart rate and the duration you’re able to maintain a light, working load.

Many people say they can’t get their heart rate down when they start running. They’re barely moving forward and their heart rate is still higher than they want it to be.

That is OK. This takes time.

If you stay consistent over a long period of time, you will see results. I think 2-3 weeks is enough time to start FEELING a difference and 5-6 weeks is when you can start seeing that difference in your HR data.

But those are still super short term timelines. This cardio game is for life. Is 1 year really a long time if it’s going to completely alter and improve how you live for DECADES to come?

It’s never too late to improve your cardiovascular health and this is how you get started.