How Seed Oils Damage Thinking

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How Seed Oils Limit Brain Function, Dumb Down Thinking and Lower Emotional Intelligence:

There are two core ways this happens: brain cells are weakened and the brain’s defense system is deactivated. This slows thinking and shortens thought patterns.

Sure, but how? And what does that really mean?

To learn, let’s take a look at how thoughts/ideas grow and evolve. Thoughts jump from nerve to nerve via neurotransmitters. They’re the small dots in the image below.

They’re carried in Vesicles out of nerve 1 and accepted by Receptors on nerve 2 (this is very simplified). This system is delicate and it’s effectiveness is crucial for high quality thinking.

A 2018 eLife study showed a clear link between neuron speed in the brain and intelligence.

Free Radicals are the big threat to continued and successful nerve to nerve connection. They attack cells and damage their function in the system above.

Here’s where Antioxidants come in: They protect cells and neurotransmitter connection from Free Radicals!!! Eating foods with antioxidant properties helps here!


Because seed oils are intensely heated during processing, they are unstable and oxidative. (This is why “cold pressed” oils like olive oil, coconut oil, etc. do not cause the damage that seed oils do)

Oxidative stress turns the Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in seed oils into Free Radicals that bypass antioxidants and attack brain cells.

Here is a quick flow chart simplifying the process:

In the short term, this negatively impacts everything from mood to critical thinking to establishing new habits. In the long term, this is Alzheimer’s Dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and ALS.

A whole food, antioxidant rich diet will protect and preserve nerve function in the brain and aid cognitive ability. On the other hand, seed oils will limit the brain in every way and worsen your thinking.

Here’s a good list of what’s “good” and what’s “bad” from Deep Nutrition.

You can start getting seed oils out of your diet by being mindful of ingredient lists on all packaged food. You’ll find “bad” seed oils everywhere.

Choose the abundant perspective and simply opt for foods that comply (this naturally guides you to eating real food).

Improve nutrition and improve the quality of your thoughts. Outthink your obstacles and bad habits.

Let food be thy medicine.