Finding Your "Sweet Spot"

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Your Sweet Spot is your uniquely disposable weapon. Kind of like Thor’s hammer. No one can give it to you and no one can take it from you. It can be summoned at will and is the secret to your success. 

What is your Sweet Spot? It is your ideal combination of effort, pacing and cadence.

It’s a rhythm that feels most comfortable and sustainable to you. It’s when you are “in the zone”. It’s where your motions become fluid and every stroke, stride and pedal revolution becomes an art form.

Outside of your Sweet Spot, you will waste time and energy fighting against your own strength and abilities.

Within your Sweet Spot, your strength and abilities will be multiplied as your perfect balance of effort, pacing and cadence combine into one magnificent symphony in motion.

Use training sessions to practice finding and developing your Sweet Spot. Z1 sessions are extra good here.

How To Find Your Sweet Spot?

Slow down!! The easy way to never find your Sweet Spot is to be pushing every session to the max.

The goal is to find your Sweet Spot and advance it. This is different from just advancing your effort, pacing or cadence individually. They must work together.

Play around by dialing up or down those 3 factors…

  • Effort
  • Pacing
  • Cadence

It’s very likely that the same levels of effort and pacing feel very different when you are at 70 rpm vs. 90 rpm. 

You are an athlete and your unique physiology, biomechanics, strength, conditioning, etc. means there isn’t a set blueprint to follow for your success.

The more you can tap into and improve what feels best for you, the more you will succeed.