6 Stoic Lessons That Helped Me Stop Living Like A Sissy And Improved How I See The World

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I read "The Obstacle Is The Way" by Ryan Holiday and realized how much power I was giving up.

I used to bitch and moan about anything and everything going on in my life. I felt like I was constantly inconvenienced, stuck dealing with annoying people and always frustrated with the curveballs of life.

Then I realized all my problems were because of how I chose to view them.

Here are 6 stoic lessons from that book that helped me take back my power of perception, live with less stress and see more positivity in life:

1. When people panic, they make mistakes

Most people crave sounding the alarm because it's easier than dealing with whatever is staring them in the face. Keep your cool and you can make decisions that disarm obstacles.

2. Perceptions can be a source of strength or our greatest weakness

If you are emotional, subjective and short-sighted, you only add to your troubles. Problems are precisely as bad as you think. You can change your perception.

3. Being "Positive" is actually just being creative and optimistic

Stop wishing for it to be different. Stop bitching. Get creative and move forward.

4. Just because the mind says something is bad doesn't mean you have to agree

This goes for what other people say too. You decide what story to tell yourself - and what to believe. This is your greatest power.

5. Questioning impulsive reactions is a muscle that must be developed with reps

If you have learned to resort to anger right away, you will get angry until you train yourself otherwise. Practice, practice, practice - until a level head is your natural response.

6. Most people are slaves to impulses and instincts they never thought to question

Questioning impulses is the foundation of all mindset development. If your reactions make you stressed and unhappy - it's time to ask if you should let them stick around.

My hope is that you take these lessons and start to question your impulses.

And if you haven't read "The Obstacle Is The Way", I suggest you grab a copy.